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Merhama [Hello] to every travellers. 

The success of the Tourism Industry very much depends on the performance of each and every tour guide. Our guides are our front line staff and ambassador to each one of our tourists. We have a dedicated and professional team who are: Native Speakers, Good listeners, Helpful and sincere, Attentive. Tempel Travel is the innovative approach for Travel in Turkey. We have monitor all destination by destination masters in our company. Destination masters are fully expertise of the country that they are handling. Not only as working experience in mean time destination masters are have been in country that they are providing service, this will maximize customers satisfaction during their journey…


Tempel is constantly looking into the different avenues to explore the world in style. We carefully research each hotel, lodge and destination, and regularly monitor valuable feedback from travelers and staff about the quality of accommodations and service. By not owning any hotels, lodges or river cruisers, we have had the privilege to be discerning and to choose among the very best for our travellers. Tempel endeavors to deliver a meaningful, memorable and valuable travel experience to the must-see places on many travellers’ wish lists. Whether it be the extravagance of an historic palace hotel, the simple joy of waking to a stunning sunrise in a remote hillside, or the thrill of an unexpected historical encounter, let our bespoke itineraries and service complement your wanderlust.

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