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“Turkey has become one of the most attractive places for golf tourism in Europe.”


It is thought that Golf has a past about 1000 years and it is not known where or when the golf was first discovered. The main thought is golf was played by Scotches in 1100s (ABC of Golf, 2008). Many authorities accept, “The Scotch King II. James’ prohibition announcement” about golf and football sport in 1457 is the first written document about golf (Turkey and Golf, 2003). In 1659, golf was played in Albany State in ABD. The first written rules of golf were published in 1754 by St. Andrews Golfers (Turkey and Golf, 2003).

In Turkey, the first golf club is Constantinople Golf Club in Maslak (Constantinople Golf Club) , and then the second one was founded in İzmir in 1905, named İzmir-Bornova Golf Club and followed Bebek Golf Club in 1911. But some of this clubs were closed for some reasons. In 1980s, golf has experienced a decline in Turkey. Then in middle of 1990s some investments have been done and a federation has been established in 1995 for golf sport. At the end of 1980s, Antalya/Belek has become a touristic area. After 2000s, the Turkish golf has succeeded considerable achievements.

Turkish golf sector has improved itself, especially with fields in Antalya/Belek, in the world. International Association of Golf Tour Operators has chosen Antalya/Belek as “the best golf area of the year in Europe” in 2008. It is shown the golf tourism in Turkey grows rapidly in recent years. Another indicator about this, Turkey will be the householder for the most prestigious amateur golf tournament, 2012 World Amateur Golf Championship in Belek. There are currently 19 golf fields in Turkey, as 15 in Belek, 3 in İstanbul, 1 in İzmirBodrum. Turkey Golf Federation has started in 2004 a project called “100 Golf Fields in 4 Years” and continuing its studies to achieve this aim.