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Privileges start with the greeting of the guests by a Tempel Travel CIP hostess and a porter at the "Tempel Travel Primeclass" CIP Service Entrance on Departures Floor of the terminal; luggage are taken by the porter and labeled personally. Guests enter the terminal through the private security point allocated exclusively for CIP Service. All check-in transactions are completed as a priority in the company of the CIP hostess at the contracted airline counters. Passport transactions are handled promptly at the "Tempel Travel Primeclass" private CIP Service passport control point. *In Ankara, guests are accompanied by a hostess - no private counter is available.

Guests can shop at Duty-Free and use the " Tempel Travel Primeclass" CIP Service preferential payment counter with the assistance of our personnel. Guests are then accompanied to the «Tempel Travel Primeclass» Lounge to spend time prior to their flights if they chose to do so. Guests can use the facilities in our comfortable lounge offering internet access, newspapers and magazines, TV and wide range of complimentary snacks. When it is time for boarding they are seen off by our CIP hostess at the gate. "Tempel Travel Primeclass" CIP Service privilege starts with the greeting of guests by a hostess and a porter at the flight gate*. When required, visa transactions are completed in the company of the CIP personnel. Passport control of the "Tempel Travel Primeclass" private CIP Service guests are handled promptly at the passport control point. No private passport control point is available in Ankara. *Guests are greeted at the entrance of the terminal if the aircraft parks at the gate. Guests, whose luggage are collected by a porter can shop at Duty-Free in the company of our CIP personnel, pay at the private payment points and seen off the terminal. Airport-city-airport transfers are carried out on chauffeur-driven comfortable and luxury vehicles of the guest's choice. Guests can enjoy the primeclass CIP Service comfort and privileges and benefit from the Prime Transfer offered by primeclass CIP Service provided that they make an advance booking at least 24 hours prior to the flight.